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Omkar Yoga Palau



Omkar Yoga was established on July 19, 2017, by Edelene Albert.

Ashtanga sequences provide postures that help alleviate stress, by allowing blood circulation to flow through the body. It benefits your muscles, joints, and respiratory system. It is a full body healing process.

About Omkar Yoga

Omkar Yoga received several grants to extend services to the community. Koror Elementary School, George B. Harris, Airai Elementary, Meyuns Elementary School, and Palau High School. We are currently extending our services to the Judiciary department in Koror and Ngerulmud. Included in our regular weekly studio schedule is a class for Retirees two times a week, working mothers, and youth. With the support of the President; Education and Health Department, project to incorporate Yoga in the schools.  (click here for schedule).

Omkar Yoga is not related to any religious practice nor does the practice endorse the worship of any gods.  our main motive is to encourage a holistic environment where people arrive and leave with a healthier mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to extend healing to others, physically; mentally, and emotionally from the love and compassion of our hearts.

About the Founder

Ms. Albert was born and raised on the island of Palau. In her late twenties, Edee decided to turn her life around. She found Yoga, and, after her first Yoga certification from San Diego, California, she moved to India where she began her conquest in the study of Yoga. And then to Thailand for Qi-gong. During her journey, she fell in love with the idea of teaching Yoga and the practice of Qi-gong. She began studying and learning about Ashtanga Yoga poses, energy work and the science behind it, how it activates Chakras in the human body and its natural healing methods. After much Yoga training abroad, she decided it was time to move back to her homeland, she opened the first yoga studio in Palau “Omkar Yoga”. The word “Omkar” comes from the Palauan Language meaning, “to heal”.

Benefits of Yoga

The sequence of Yoga is holistic. Individuals benefit from a healthier lifestyle, self-awareness, and well-being. Yoga relieves stress, it calms and clears the mind. Here are ways it supports the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Mind: It balances your energy by helping you to be less reactive and more mindful of thoughts, words, and actions. It improves concentration and mental health. Body: Yoga supports the body by causing it to have a better digestion flow, blood circulation, and support for the respiratory system. Through Yoga, your body posture will improve. Spirit: Yoga will help your spirit to remain youthful, it develops discipline and self-control, it also inspires respect for one's self and others. Through the practice of Yoga, you will have a happier soul. It heals the mind, body, and soul. Yoga strengthens the muscles and joints of the human body causing the body to become toned in the legs, arms, and buttocks. 

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